Saturday 21 January 2012

Lenovo Z370 laptop Atheros AR9285 wireless not connecting to networks

Strange problem with two identical Lenovo Z370's (well one pink, one black). The pink one always connects, the black one sometimes fails to connect - it just reports a generic connection failed error. Tried reinstalling drivers, deleting wireless settings, removing anti-virus/security.

It also fails on other wireless networks, so its not down to the router. Both laptops had dentical drivers - the AR9285 v9.1.0.314 dated 12 Aug 2010 (Windows 7 64 bit) which is the latest that Lenovo list for that model. I also tried imaging the laptop from pink to black - but same problem, which started me thinking it was a hardware fault.

However before I went down that route I spotted an updated HP driver for the AR9285, which seemed to go as high as for the EliteBook 6930p. Having a good search around the Lenovo site uncovered a dated 24 Nov 2010 for a Lenovo G470 (also available for the IdeaPad Z570)
I had to run the installer twice (first time uninstalls) and then the laptop connected immediately.

Wireless connects reliably now.

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