Wednesday 21 October 2015

Update firmware HP OfficeJet 6500A Plus E710n when installer greyed out, 1126 to 1206

Just came across a really cunning trick to update the firmware for an HP OfficeJet 6500A Plus E710n printer / scanner / copier / fax device. Its the All-in-One Plus model, aka product code CN557A.

On the status page, the device was reporting firmware version CIP1FN1126AR - essentially release 1126. Checking HP downloads shows a newer firmware, release 1206. Note that the firmware won't show on the support website if you specify your OS as Windows 10 - choose Win 7 instead.

When you download and run the latest firmware updater from HP, a file called OJ6500-E710n-z_R1206A.exe it spots the printer correctly on the network or WiFi. However the update button is greyed out when you specify the printer you want updated. No matter what compatibility settings / firewall / OS / computer / ethernet / WiFi / USB combination you try it won't let you update.

Here's the cunning bit - go into Control Panel > Printers, find the 6500A to update, right click and make sure its shared, preferably with a short name and no spaces, eg 6500A
 Now use Winzip or 7-Zip to open the OJ6500-E710n-z_R1206A.exe file, locate the .FUL file and extract/copy it to the desktop. I'd right-click and rename it to something much shorter, eg 6500A.FUL

Then start a Command Prompt - easiest way is to go to Start > Search (or Run) and type

In the black DOS box that comes up, type a couple of commands ...
     copy /b 6500A.FUL \\PC\6500A
[note that PC is the name of your computer, you can find it in Control Panel > System]

This sends the file as a binary transfer direct to the printer and forces the update. You should see the printer go into an update mode and restart. Takes a few minutes for it to complete


medianer said...

Thanks a lot! I had a similiar problem with my HP Photosmart 7520. I needed the new firmware to use the web services again (stopped working with the old firmware).

redleg said...

Glad to hear it helped, we've used it a few times. Handy trick to know.

Anonymous said...

I did it for my HP 6500A plus !!!
It works like a charm!

Thanks for your help

redleg said...

Thanks Dave. Just made me realise there is a newer 1621 firmware version for the HP 6500A now, specifically CIP1FN1621AR. Good to see the same trick still works for updating when the official Firmware Updater is showing the printer model greyed out. Tested ok on Windows 10 64-bit.

Joe said...


Like Medianer I can't update a new firmware for my HP 7520.I can't use the web services. Please, could any one type the commands for Windows 10.

Thanks in advance

redleg said...

Hi Joe, how far did you get with the guide? Have you downloaded the new firmware?

Joe said...

Hi Redleg,

I followed all your instructions until "In the black DOS box that comes up, type a couple of commands ..."

I have done each and every step of your guide. The new firmware file *.ful is in my desktop.
I need to know the next steps to follow with Windows10.


redleg said...

On Win 10, you can start a Command Prompt by right-clicking on the Start button

You should be able to use similar commands on Win 10 to those shown, eg
copy /b 7520.FUL \\PC\7520

Assuming you've already renamed the firmware file from HP to 7520.FUL and you've shared your printer as 7520.

You then just need to substitute PC with your computer name (in the Command Prompt type HOSTNAME to find out what its called)


Joe said...

Hi redleg,

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I can use web services again.

Unknown said...

Hi redleg,

Tried everything to get my HP8600 plus working again with e services but nothing worked except your solution.

This definitely did the trick, note that in my executable there are 4 folders with a .ful file. I took the first one in OJP8600_N911g-n_R1545A.exe\Firmware_VR7.4_K_CKP1CN1545AR\ and that seemed to work fine.

Thanks a lot, not sure why HP is not posting something on their forum for people that have this issue as likely more wil have the same issue i encountered.

Great work!

redleg said...

Thats great to hear Paul. Thanks for the update on the filenames for the 8600 model.

Martin said...

Worked fine with my HP Photosmart 7520 - much obliged. Isn't the internet great for this stuff.

redleg said...

Thanks Martin, good to hear it still works. Don't know how we managed without the internet for IT support!

compumad said...

Hi, it seems not to work with the 6830.
i can copy the file, it apears on the print spool and it shows sendig the file and then disapears, but nothing happens.
i need to reflash the latest firmware as there is some kind of sw issue with the scanner


redleg said...

Hi, not tested this with a 6830. Can you try from a different computer to rule that out ?

compumad said...

tested on another pc and it was the same

EarlW said...

Thanks. Worked exactly as described. HP 7520 via USB on Win10 64bit

redleg said...

Thanks for the feedback Earl

Bashar said...

Does it work with Hp 4103fw

redleg said...

Hi Bashar, sorry I don't have access to one of those to test

Don’tBuyHP said...

My hp4645 is not network connected. Can’t bypass incompatible cartridge message. But it works fax and scanner through USB
Will this firmware transfer work with only USB connection? Is USB treated as network computer.
I tried it says network path not found

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