Thursday 15 December 2011

'sent on behalf of' with own domain name - stop gmail doing that

Just set up a couple of gmail accounts for friends' kids and registered their own domains for them. You can easily add the new email address to gmail so it uses their own domain (eg instead of a generic one (look under Gmail Settings > Accounts & Import > Send As)

However using the standard setup which specifies using Gmail's own SMTP server to send mail out, the message arrives in Outlook with a 'sent from on behalf of Looks a bit messy and gives away the gmail username.

You can stop that sent on behalf of from appearing by changing the Gmail settings slightly. Go back into the Send As setting mentioned above then click Edit info for the own domain name entry (

Specify that you want to use the domain's own SMTP but delete the entry and change to (yes yes, same server as before, but it doesn't add that sent on behalf of label sent like this). Use the login and password, specify TLS and port 587.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

some of u (developers) might need to enter application specific password (instead of google account password) to get thru the gmail smtp check

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