Monday 23 March 2015

Reclaim lots of disk space from Microsoft Zune / Windows Phone .tmp files

The laptop just shouted about having low disk space, only 100MB remaining. So I started poking around to find out what I could free up - really didn't expect to discover that a big culprit was Microsoft Zune.

Zune was using around 15GB for its Transcoded Files Cache - consisting of 5000+ .tmp files. You can find this folder in

Select All (Ctrl-A) to highlight them all, then Shift-Del to permanently delete (bypassing the Recycle Bin).

The files have come from a Windows Phone being connected and syncing media files between laptop and phone.

Monday 16 March 2015

Shared printer keeps going offline after a few minutes on Windows Server

Sometimes its just the simple things ... AND you keep forgetting the fix. The copier company has just been and installed a shiny new Toshiba, looks loverly. Installed x86 / x64 drivers on the server, setup the printers, shared on the network, installed on a couple of PCs and watched as the printers promptly went offline again.

Restart the Print Spooler, come back online, wait a few minutes, and they're offline again. Aaargh.

Oh yes the fix - right-click on the server printer and choose Properties (or Printer Properties on newer versions of Windows Server) find the Ports tab, click Configure Port and

make sure SNMP is turned OFF

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