Friday 29 April 2016

Dell 725 inkjet printer and Windows 10 driver

The most popular blog entry out of the 100+ on here, is the one about getting the Dell 725 inkjet printer to work with Windows 8 64-bit. That was exactly two years ago. We've just updated the same computer to Windows 10, which went very smoothly.

But guess what, it failed to load the printer, errors and crashes all over the place. Print Spooler keeps stopping, Print Preferences stops responding. Just had a session trying to iron out the problem, reload the drivers, trying 64 bit and 32 bit (the latter was Dells recommendation), set compatibility, try on another Win10 PC which hasn't used the Dell software previously, manually delete all the DLC* drivers per the previous article, etc.

But no luck, I think this 10yr old printer has finally met its match.

Be interested to hear if anyone succeeds, but I don't think its ever going to run on Windows 10 - time to buy a new printer.

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