Thursday 19 February 2015

Draytek 2820 not connecting to Vigor 120 ADSL modem on WAN2, no response from server

Got a DrayTek Vigor 2820 router on the latest firmware. We've got Plusnet connected using the ADSL WAN 1 port, which works fine. However WAN2 was connected to a Technicolor TG582n in ethernet bridged mode to ZEN broadband. WAN2 started dropping randomly and we couldn't pin down why.

We swapped a Draytek Vigor 120 ADSL modem ( in place of the Technicolor. Line sync was ok, in fact faster than the TG582n, esp the uplink which doubled up from 512k to 1Mbps. Bonus! However it wouldn't connect from the 2820 router using the WAN2 PPPoE setup. This is a PPPoE to PPPoA bridged mode.

On the Online Status > Physical Connection you could see the PPP connection starting, but followed by a 'No response from the server' error.

Took a little while to identify - make sure the Vigor 120 modem has DHCP enabled on the LAN screen. Doh!

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