Monday 15 December 2014

Exporting / copying results from Exchange 2007 Message Tracking troubleshooting assistant

I was trying to track down some specific invoice emails that had allegedly been sent a couple of weeks earlier. Its easy enough to fire up the Message Tracking troubleshooting assistant from the Exchange 2007 Management Console, just look in the Toolbox section. Its a bit like the old Message Tracking Center in Exchange System Manager from the 2003 version.

You specify your message criteria and date range and it shows you all the matching email records. However you really need to get it into Excel to start filtering and sorting the data usefully, especially when it returns 100s of matching emails. However there isn't an obvious copy or export option.

The trick is to click Go Back and look at the shell command that was generated, at the bottom. You can see in this screenshot the equivalent shell command is

get-messagetrackinglog -EventID "SEND" -MessageSubject "invoice" -Start "16/11/2014 07:58:00" -End "28/11/2014 21:08:00"

Copy that line, then start Exchange Management Shell and paste the command (You need to click the shell icon top left then choose the Edit submenu). Before you hit enter to run the command, paste the following to the end of the line: 
| export-csv c:\windows\temp\results.csv
(the | is the Shifted backslash symbol just by Z on the UK keyboard, its the pipe command) 

That will create an Excel friendly report in the Windows\Temp directory

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