Thursday 15 April 2010

HP Color (Colour !) LaserJet 2500 - Density sensor out of range

HP CLJ2500 was showing error 54.7.0 Density sensor out of range and refusing to print from the main paper tray (tray 2) but was ok from manual feed (tray 1)

Printer maintenance company that attended site first offered to sell client a new fuser for £150 or a replacement Panasonic printer - thanks guys, don't miss an opportunity will you!

I loaded hp color LaserJet 2500 series toolbox from the original HP CD (unfortunately not available as a download - couldn't find it in HP Easy Care either).

- Fire up the Toolbox,
- go into the Troubleshooting tab
- choose the Cleaning Page option from the left side.
- It prints a page with a big black diagonal line across it.
- You put that face down in the manual feed tray 1
- go back to the Toolbox and choose the Clean button.
- Then press the green button on the printer for a manual feed.
- It will print really slowly

and it cleared the '54.7.0 Density sensor out of range error' ... I'm sure a new Panasonic printer would have fixed the problem too ;-)

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