Saturday 7 June 2008

Who to blame - Microsoft or cheap kit?

So that cheap router you bought to connect to the internet was meant to save you some £. Turns out one of the cheap models out there, the Billion 5200 series doesn't get on with the latest big update from Microsoft - Windows XP Service Pack 3. Billion blame Microsoft - which I can't see. Surely the router should be stable and not go into a constant reboot cycle, irrespective of what random data gets hurled down the line at it. I'm sure there must be worse hitting it from the internet side. At least they've made updates available.

So next time you have to make a choice on cheap kit or recommended kit that costs a bit more but is likely to have had better design and testing, you might want to think twice.

Wonder if there are any other dodgy routers to come out of the closet yet? Just waiting those phone calls once SP3 gets the green light through Microsoft Update ...

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