Friday 14 March 2008

Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 motherboard) BIOS

Got a new FN41 v2.0 motherboard from ebay for my ageing Shuttle SN41G2. System has always run well with an Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB DDR400, Radeon 9250 and Sony DVDRW. You can't use DDR400 with the integrated GeForce 4MX graphics unless you drop the speed down to DDR333. But it works ok with an AGP card - which also means you can disable the integrated graphics in the BIOS, reclaim the memory and disconnect the small noisy internal fan.

The replacement mobo had BIOS v18 (fn41s018.bin) and I was having a bit of trouble getting the memory speeds to stick properly. Went to Shuttle to get the v32 (fn41s032.bin) BIOS and found it wouldn't flash with the Award flash utility listed - kept getting an error about an invalid product. Available version was AWDFLASH v8.89. Fortunately I had a previous download of AWDFLASH V8.23 and that worked fine.

On the subject of noise Alfredo's Speedfan works well with this system and can keep the fan noise to a steadier level on a warm day - ideal if you've got the unit sat on the desk just by you.

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