Sunday 6 January 2008

Vista gets the snip

Had a pretty good experience with Vista over the past few months. I've got Vista Business running happily on a Dell Vostro 200s with an E6550 processor, 2GB memory, twin 320GB drives using RAID1 and dual 19" screens off a Radeon HD 2400 XT. Good spec, bargain price.

I'd always used Alt-PrtScr to get a snapshot of a screen in XP and earlier. Doing IT support I use that quite frequently for sending out instructions and identifying problems. So I've been a bit frustrated that I could only use PrtScr for a full dual-screen grab rather than Alt-PrtScr for just the active window - haven't decided what combination of Vista / Vostro / Dynamode KVM / old IBM keyboard that's giving me a problem.

Then I found Snipping Tool. Just look under Programs > Accessories or type 'snippingtool' into the Run box (Win-R). Woo-hoo, quick ready cropped screen grabs ready to paste and save. I like that add url option too. My life is complete, well for another 5 minutes anyhow.

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